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European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia Hortensis)
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The little rescue with the big heart!
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Composting Worms



Fruits & Veggies (they love melon!) Leafy yard clippings (they love roses!)
 Breads, pastas & rice Corn meal, oats, and grains


Citrus (changes PH) Coffee (Changes PH) Onion (Changes PH)


Meats and Dairy Oils and Salt Corn Cobs Beans & Seeds


Fully composted manure
Finished compost
Shredded cardboard or newspaper
Shredded Leaves or 'brown' yard waste
Sawdust or Wood shavings
A handful of dirt or something with grit every few feedings
Red Wigglers
Red Wigglers
European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia Hortensis)
European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia Hortensis)
African Night Crawlers ( Eudrilus Eugeniae )
African Night Crawlers ( Eudrilus Eugeniae )
Coconut Coir
Coconut Coir
 Shipping Bags
Shipping Bags
 Products (Total Items: 2)
Raising Red Wigglers: Most Popular Composting And Panfishing Worm Raising Red Wigglers: Most Popular Composting And Panfishing Worm
Raising Red Wigglers: Most Popular Composting and Panfishing Worm by Bruce Galle
Availability: In Stock
Raising African Nightcrawlers - Paperback Raising African Nightcrawlers - Paperback
Paperback Version
Availability: In Stock

Shipping Policies

Shipping to areas with temperatures over 85 degrees, we will do our best to deliver live but there will not be a guarantee unless specified USPS EXPRESS in the Shipping of your order.

Shipping methods offered

  • Overnight (Extreme Weather Under 40 and Over 85 DEG )
  • Standard 2nd day by USPS  

All orders with Free Shipping will be USPS. We must reserve the right to ship as needed due to weather but will make every effort to ship as you wish. (We ships on Monday thru Wednesday). We will Send Tracking as soon Possible via Email.

Please order heat packs when the temperature is below 40 degrees F.

Shipping companies

  • USPS
  • Airport to Airport  Can Be arranged (large volume only)

Shipping Delays - We attempt to make sure that your order leaves our facility in a timely manner. If for some reason your shipment does not arrive, please call (888) 655-0055 or visit USPS for tracking information.

Large Volume Orders - Airport to Airport shipping as a courtesy for our large volume vendors. If you have a large volume order of 100K crickets/worms or more please call (800) 655-0055 and we will be happy to discuss the details. NEVER HAVE DEAD FEEDERS DUE TO EXTREME WEATHER AGAIN!! )

Extreme Weather We will use all necessary resources to insure that your shipment arrives in good condition. In the event of a loss RED EARTH WORMS will reship your order free of product charge. (You will be required to pay for the additional shipping cost) Please call (888) 655-0055 for alternative methods of shipping if you live in extreme weather areas. Extreme weather areas are defined as above 85 degrees F and below 40 degrees F nighttime. We may upgrade your shipping at our discretion to insure that product arrives safely

1,000 Super Worms      1,000 Super Worms
Live Crickets 1000CT Live Crickets 1000CT
Live Banded Crickets 500CT Live Banded Crickets 500CT
25 Live Horn Worms (1 Cup) 25 Live Horn Worms (1 Cup)
2,000 Super Worms      2,000 Super Worms
Waterdrip Vine
Waterdrip Vine
Worm Guard
Worm Guard
Appetite Plus
Appetite Plus

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